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Even the hard-to-fix places in your life can be changed because the only God you can trust in has changed your story forever.

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Alisa Gokhman graduated from the University of Georgia in May with a degree in Economics, and will be attending the University of Maryland in the fall for Speech-Language Pathology. Here’s Alisa’s story:

“I was not raised in a Christian household. My parents were Jewish, but they never practiced the religion; we were simply labeled “Jewish.” I began going to church when I felt there was something missing in my life. After trying out a couple of other churches, I ended up visiting Christ Community Church, and it was at CCC that I believed the gospel. The gospel is truth. It is the truth that God has given us Jesus as our savior and our ultimate satisfaction. It is the truth that God will always provide for us and will never break His promise. It tells us that even though we are undeserving, we still receive unending grace.

I loved the atmosphere of our church, from the relationships formed with other members to the aid I’ve gotten in furthering my relationship with the Lord. As a member, I hope to spend more time discussing the Gospel with others; I believe that my membership in the church and relationships with other members will give me the skills I need to share the Gospel with those outside the church.”

I came to believe the gospel around New Years Eve at Campus Outreach’s New Years Conference. At Conference I could start to feel God working on my heart, and I finally began to truly realize what Christ did on the cross for me. The suffering and shame he endured for my inadequacies was tremendous but just a glimpse at his abounding love for me. I thought I had to get myself together to commit my life to Christ, but I realized that would never be the case, hence Jesus. From then on, I wanted to live to glorify Him to the fullest. 

Since I have become a Christian, I have witnessed God changing my heart. He has instilled in me joy, love for others, contentment, and a desire to grow in Him. God has rerouted my priorities and is focusing them on Him and his priorities.

I think relationships are key in sharing the gospel, but also growing in your personal sanctification process. We are called to serve each other in love and we can do that through relationships with Christ. I want to spread the good news and for people to have the joy, freedom and grace that I have been given through Christ.

When I gave my life to Christ, people immediately took me under their wing and encouraged me. Christine Kaufman is the one that got me New Years Conference and has been a key element in my growth since. Her persistence has made all the difference. Another huge person in my life has been Katie Crosby who has been providing daily support, wisdom, and love. Both of these women have been instilling truth into my life that has been crucial for my foundation. However, there are several other people that have been active in my spiritual growth and the impact of their support can never be fully expressed. God has blessed me and has provided the community that I have always desired. 

The church functions as a community because the people in the church are there to support and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. They hold you accountable and enable you to grow. God does not want us to be alone but to be surrounded by other believers, and I feel that Christ Community Church is a great place to find this community.

Coleman Collins will be a third year at the University of Georgia in the fall, and is a Speech Communications and Religion major. Here’s what he has to say about when he came to believe the gospel:

“I grew up in the church, and have several points in my life that I could point to and say “it was here that I believed the gospel.” Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, but I would say that right before my junior year of high school, I fell in love with Christ when a friend shared his story with me, almost identical to my own – a story of a “good” guy who everyone respected in the church and who did everything right. And then, he told me that it was fake, that it was all for his own glory. That is when I saw that my life was lived for the glory of Coleman, and not God.

The gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. I was dead in my sin, falling short of God’s glory. Christ came to earth and died for my sin, revealing God’s glory. Now I have the hope of glory, and a share in the riches of the inheritance of Christ!! Not only this, but God loved me so much that He chose me before the foundation of the world to be righteous, and predestined me for adoption, working all things for my good, that I might come to a saving knowledge of Him, not because of my choice, because I was dead, but because of His grace!!! The gospel is the revelation of the GRACE of GOD, for the GLORY of GOD!!!!!! Praise God!!”

For the next few weeks, we are featuring the stories of Christ Community Church’s newest members. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know them, and to hear, in their own words, how they came to believe the gospel, why they wanted to join our church, and how their lives have changed since they encountered Jesus. Take a minute when you read these posts to pray for these brothers and sisters, thanking  God for his work in their lives, and to pray for His continued work in and through them over the summer.

A reminder…

Our church – people like you – is here for a reason.

You could put it this way: we’re here in ________ for __________.

Those blanks are important because they follow you wherever you go.

Your neighborhood. Your workplace. Your campus. Your favorite place to hang out.

Go ahead – put those places and the people in those places in those blanks.

God has put you in those places for those places.

In for. N4.

Got it? Good. Now go and be N4.