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A lot of you know that Matt Chandler – an Acts 29 pastor in Dallas – is currently undergoing treatment for Stage 3 brain cancer. This weekend, the Associated Press released a tremendous article that has given Matt and his wife Lauren to be honest about their desire to suffer well through something that would ruin most of us.

I want you to read this – either because you are suffering today and you need the encouragement or because you will suffer soon and maybe this will keep the weight of that struggle from crushing you.

Chandler is trying to suffer well. He would never ask for such a trial, but in some ways he welcomes this cancer. He says he feels grateful that God has counted him worthy to endure it. He has always preached that God will bring both joy and suffering but is only recently learning to experience the latter.

You can read the entire article here.


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Affliction is the strange fruit of adoption – the first bite is bitter but the aftertaste is sweet.

This is how God convinces us that we belong to him. His love for us shows up in the darkest depths.

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