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For the next few weeks, we are featuring the stories of Christ Community Church’s newest members. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know them, and to hear, in their own words, how they came to believe the gospel, why they wanted to join our church, and how their lives have changed since they encountered Jesus. Take a minute when you read these posts to pray for these brothers and sisters, thanking  God for his work in their lives, and to pray for His continued work in and through them over the summer.


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This is from Erin Basinger, a UGA grad student who’s been hanging out with us at Christ Church since last fall:

I live on the salary of a graduate teaching assistant, which I can tell you isn’t much. I budget every penny each month. I have even justified not tithing some months because I’ve been so strapped for money. Last week, I wrote a check for 12.5% of my paycheck for the month, which I knew was going to be more than a sacrifice…it meant that I would have to trust the Lord for money that I no longer have in my bank account but still need to pay the bills. Today, I received a $100 Wal-Mart gift card from an address in Birmingham that I don’t recognize with no name by the address. Only my family knows that this is something I’m doing, so I don’t have any idea where the money came from, but I’m praising the Lord for it, knowing that when I stepped out in faith, he reached out and caught me.

When we’re in need, He shows up. Every time.

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Will Henderson came this past Sunday and shared his heart for the local church and church planting. He and his wife Nerida are in Atlanta wrapping up a yearlong church-planting residency before heading back to their native Australia to plant an Acts 29 church in Brisbane.

Here is the: Interview.

Check out his blog :


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Easter is the single most important day of the year for Christians – a day designed to join God in his mission.

This year, we need your help in two ways:
1. Show up at 9:45 for our worship gathering on Easter, which is April 12.
2. Be willing to share your story if you’ve been changed this year by the gospel, community and/or mission.

If you go home to visit family on Easter, would you ask them if it would be OK for you to stay here this year so you can bring other people to our gathering with you. Promise you’ll come home the next week – but there are people around you who need Jesus and will come with you if you ask. If your mom or dad says no and wants you to go home, then go home and honor them with your obedience. But if they know you’re staying here because you want other people to know Jesus, they might say yes – and who knows, they might make a road trip to be with you on Easter.

We’re also going to take time during the worship gathering for people to share stories about how their lives have been changed this year as the gospel has increasingly replaced religion as the engine of life, community has trumped doing life alone and very real ways of joining Jesus in his mission have come to fruition. If you’d like the chance to tell your story, let me know by the end of this week. We’ll probably do this by video so you wouldn’t be standing in front of a room full of people.

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