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Asking (most) people to come with us to church is an unrealistic expectation:

Church is where we feel safe and comfortable. Church is where non-Christians feel embarassed and awkward. We offer people the gospel, but on our terms and on our territory. Put like this, it becomes clear that we must take the gospel – and indeed the church – out of our ghetto and into the world around us.

Steve Timmis and Tim Chester, The Gospel-Centred Church, 24-25.


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More from Timmis and Chester:

Think about the contexts in which you rub shoulders with unbelievers. What is the distinctive gospel behavior that should characterize your relationships?

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From The Gospel-Centred Church by Chester and Timmis:

We are not all gifted, eloquent, vivacious, engaging personal evangelists. But we are all children of God, saved by grace and heading for glory. Commending the One who has adopted, rescued and enriched us is an enormous privilege. This is the heart of God’s plan for me to bear a credible witness to the gospel in whatever context I find myself. The source of this consistent and believable witness is the sense of being gob-smacked by grace. Gripped by grace to the extent that it infuses our hearts and transforms our lives. This grace will also nurture within us a love for those who, in the words of Jonah, have ‘forsaken the grace that could be theirs.’

Loving God to the extent that we want to make His truth winsome, and loving others to the extent that we want them to know the God of truth is not the exclusive prerogative of preachers, evangelists and missionaries.

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