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This Sunday begins Holy Week, the historic name that the Church has given to the central week in Jesus’ life between his entrance into Jerusalem and his experience of resurrection on what we call Easter. I have memories of Palm Sunday – usually involving people waving palm branches in a worship gathering as we sat confused about why Jesus walking into Jerusalem matters to us.

That’s why this Sunday we’ll jump a bit ahead in the story and talk about the death of Jesus. Because when you look at the cross and figure out why Jesus died, you’ll understand Palm Sunday. So here’s what we’re going to say – Jesus walked into Jerusalem and he went to the cross because we’re broken. This entire week – from Palm Sunday to Easter – is a reminder that what we need is restoration and renewal for ourselves and all of creation. That’s the hope Jesus creates when he walks into our world – because we know what the crowds in Jerusalem only thought they knew. We know how Jesus defeats evil and rescues us – not by military force or political persuasion. We are forgiven and freed because Jesus died to rescue and restore us.


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