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‘This is the mark of an immature church: it’s all about me and not about [those who don’t know Jesus].’ – Mark Driscoll


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Yesterday, the Acts 29 Network launched an inititative called Churches Helping Churches to direct resources to Haitian churches.

Every penny we take in for Haiti between now and January 24th will go to CHC. One-third of our April offering called The Seed Project will go to CHC. $2,000 from last year’s Advent Conspiracy will be going to CHC this spring.

So pray for the churches in Haiti and give generously.

Here’s the press release on the launch of CHC:

Who Will Help the Churches in Haiti?

The images streaming in from Haiti is disturbing. We feel pity, sorrow and a sense of helplessness at the extent of their plight. The waves of humanitarian aid are washing ashore in Haiti and beginning to meet this massive need but little if any of this medicine will soothe the sores of the suffering church. The country will be rebuilt in time, but so little of that aid will go to the pastors and congregations who are decimated and broken.

Who is helping the Haitian churches and the pastors? While so many agencies will be focused on the immediate social needs, the local communities of faith are devastated as well. These bodies of Christ can also contribute toward meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the local people who are burying their family members and are seeking comfort, counsel and guidance.

Churches Helping Churches initiated by Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald is calling on the North American church to help restore the ravaged church in Haiti. MacDonald writes, “Without question the priority of the ‘church helping the church’ is commanded by Paul in scripture and modeled by Paul in his crisis care for the Corinthians and the church in Jerusalem. If Paul were alive today there is no doubt his first concern as a church planter and leader in the body of Christ would be for the family of God in Haiti.”

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

Mark and James are going to Haiti early next week to see first hand and assess what can be done to meet the needs of the church in the toughest areas. They will take a team to help them capture this story so they can report on the hope the North American church can bring. They hope to get some great stories on video about what God is doing in Haiti to help encourage God’s people around the world to be generous and help those in need.  They are seeking to provide great photos and other video footage to give away online, to give to Christian agencies who could use it to help expose the need of the church, and to give to mainstream media outlets showing the difference the church and God’s people are making.

Acts 29 Network is asking you to consider helping the churches in Haiti so they can continue to contribute in the recovery when other agencies have moved on from the devastated land. Please ask the members of your congregation to contribute financially this week or next to unite as the Church helping churches.

A website has been formed to assist in the communication of this effort: http://www.churcheshelpingchurches.com/

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We’re in the middle of a three week discussion about Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King.Mark Driscoll helps us understand how the prophet, priest, and king motif works with leadership. Very much worth your time – you’ll get some clarity about how the elders and staff operate.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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