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Yesterday on the Twitter, I joked that Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season have seemingly overnight been transformed from something weird and liturgical into the world of cool and hip, verging towards trendy.

I’m thankful for friends like Elliot Grudem, another PCA/Acts 29 pastor, who wrote this helpful post on the Resurgence blog, answering the question ‘Why Bother With Lent?’

I’d encourage you to check this out, whether you’re taking part in Lent or not.

Here’s the conclusion:

Again, the Lenten season and its encouragement to take an extended time to focus on the death
and resurrection of Christ provides us with an opportunity to honor God as we prepare for Easter

Another way to consider the value of recognizing Lent is to consider the ways you currently
prepare for Easter Sunday.

  • New clothes for the kids?
  • A flower for mom?
  • A roast for the oven?
  • Candy for baskets?

Now, consider if there might be a better and more beneficial way to think about the life, death,
and resurrection of Jesus.


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