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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms. This is a weekend that should be filled with gratitude – and the challenge is that we never know the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological toll of motherhood until we become a parent. And even then, God has wired mamas and daddies differently. The result is that Mother’s Day has great potential for disappointment – even when we bring our A-game and try to serve and love our mothers well.

So here are a few ways I’d encourage you to express all that needs to be expressed to your mom this Sunday – and dads, the way your wife will be treated on Mother’s Day for the next fifty years is shaped by the way you model and train your kids to honor her.

  • Use words and take action. She needs to see and hear that she is loved and appreciated.
  • Think big and small. Find little ways to express your feelings and encourage demonstrative actions that make it impossible for Mom to feel under-appreciated.

If you have other ways to honor and express love and gratitude towards moms, then add them in the comments section below.

As a church, we believe that our primary responsibility is to help train kids to love and honor and bless their mom. That means that we want to recognize this as a special day for mothers but we won’t turn our worship gathering into a mother’s appreciation event. Why? For one reason, it’s not our place – that privilege and responsibility belongs to her children. And second, we have women in our church whose heart breaks every Mother’s Day – they want to be a mother and aren’t yet because of God’s providence; they struggle with infertility and are being told by their doctor that they can’t be a mother; kids have grown up and moved away, they’re growing up and moving away; we have women in our church who have been through abortions and are still wracked with guilt and pain that few of us will ever know.

So we will have some opportunity to express our love and appreciation to the women in our church who are moms – and I’m finding our teaching text (Exodus 40:34-38) has some encouragement and exhortations for mothers. But here’s the best thing I can do for you if you’re a mama – the way I can love you best is by pointing you to Jesus. My prayer for our mothers is that they would be thankful for real reminders of God’s grace to them and through them as mothers, as they cling to Jesus and the cross as their ultimate source of hope and delight.

So I look forward to seeing you in our gathering this Sunday. We have a baptism and I’m doing an interview with Will Henderson, who’s planting an Acts 29 church in Brisbane, Australia. Come early to pray with us at 9:30 and then we’ll get cranking at 10:00 as God gathers us to see and savor him as our ultimate treasure.


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