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Guest post by Todd Harrison:

If you’ve listened to or read anything by Dave Ramsey, this will sound familiar:  If you will live like no one else, later you can LIVE like no one else.

What’s he talking about? He’s answering the question – What would your life look like if you had NO DEBT and were really IN CONTROL of your money?  He’s talking about arriving at Financial Peace!

Financial Peace University is for everyone.  Not just those that think they have money problems.  Not just those with a full time job. It includes those of us that think we have it all together because there is always more to learn about money and how God intends for us to use it.  It will be extraordinarily helpful for college students to learn the proper use of money BEFORE making the mistakes that all of us “older” folks have already made.

During FPU you will learn how to get control of your money, stop struggling to make ends meet, tell your money what to do and change your family’s future.  Some of the weekly topics cover things like getting out of debt, know what insurance to buy, plan for retirement, communicate effectively in your marriage about money and unlock the power of giving to change your community.

Attend one of our free previews on Tuesday, January 12th or Tuesday, January 19th at 7pm at WCA.  Call or email Todd Harrison with questions or to let me know you are coming at 404-660-1673 or toddharrison@mindspring.com


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