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Guest Blogger: Frank McKinley

Imagine you’ve been gone on vacation for the week and you come home to find your home is ransacked.

First, you feel angry. And why wouldn’t you? You’ve been violated. Your security has been smashed to bits by some stranger scrounging around for something to sell for a fix.

Your reaction to a home invasion like a burglary reveals what you love most.

Consider this. You’ll fight to maintain your way of life. You’ll work harder; maybe, you’ll even take a job that seems beneath you. You’ll spend less, eating at home instead of your favorite restaurant. You’ll give up hobbies that might have enthralled you once but now seem like luxuries.

If you want to know why you have trouble reaching out to others, look into your heart. You can’t love too many things at once. In fact, you can only deeply love one thing with all your energy. It doesn’t matter how it looks on the outside. It may be scattered among different faces. The underlying attachment, though, is to just one thing.

What’s yours?

Any addiction is a killer of the love we have for others and for God. The idol we build in the suburbs is security. When that captures our attention and creates worry and tension, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to give our love away. After all, you can’t share something you’ve already sold.

Do you want to engage the world around you? Run to the cross. Consider Jesus who took on all the guilt of your slavery and its life-choking power.  He laid aside His glory and took on your poverty. Now you can be freed from what controls you.
Read the words of the hymn which says:

“My chains are gone, I’ve been set free.
My God, my savior has ransomed me.
And like a flood His mercy reigns,
Unending love, amazing grace.”

Christian, the prison door is open. Walk away from that which steals your heart. Don’t look back. Give your heart fully to Jesus. You’ll have His unending love to give to the hurting people in your life who need it most.


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