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Ed Marcelle is one of the most creative pastors I’ve ever been around – he planted Terra Nova Church in Troy, NY and is one of the more influential men in the Acts 29 Network.

This past week, he’s written a three-part series for The Resurgence on Gospel Incarnation – how his church puts hands and feet to the gospel, living it out in the context of their mission in Troy.


We have encouraged everyone to identify a place where they need to be culturally present. Culture, most simply defined as a shared set of words, cues, and artifacts that are understood without translation, differs from person to person with plenty of overlap. I have challenged every person in our community to represent Christ within their culture, because it is on that singular level that the incarnation of the gospel happens.


When we represent justice, we are acknowledging that we as human beings violate the truth and live in “unrightness” and that we want to shine the light of rightness into a dark world.


Everyone needs help at some time, whether from self-inflicted wounds, societal ills, or family sins. To be present to give that aid is to administer mercy and grace. In this way, we try to reflect Jesus’ presence, being full of grace, and we try to reflect what the prophets commanded, that we are to do justice and to love mercy.


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