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Sunday is our Super Bowl as Christians – as clear of an opportunity for us to be on mission in community because of the gospel as we have all year. This is a season in why our life of worship is injected with new life as we come close to the cross and experience the reality of resurrection.

A few things to help you the rest of the week as we move towards Good Friday and Easter:

  1. Be in the Scriptures. I’m reading all four gospels this week – the extended time has already been good for my soul. Read until your heart melts at the mercy and justice of God.
  2. Stay in town. This is not the weekend for family reunions. Be on mission and invite someone or a group of someones into the life of our community (more on that in a minute). You can visit your parents some other time – you’ve got work to do!
  3. Read this and watch that and pray for the Spirit to open your eyes to the opportunities already around you. The video by Darrin Patrick is something you absolutely must watch.
  4. Show up early and plan on staying late for our Good Friday gathering – 7:00 at Faith Presbyterian Church. We need to come near the cross and take in the horrific reality that we killed Jesus. You will need time to prepare before and time to process afterwards. If your parents insist on you coming home for Easter (and that’s their call), then be part of this before you head home.
  5. Pray for people around you who don’t know Jesus and invite them to come with you to our Easter gathering. We’re going to make a fuss about Jesus and call people to new life in Christ. It’s going to be unbelievable! 10am at WCA. Be there!

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The first 1:30 ruined me…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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