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I’m excited to announce that the following men have agreed to be part of our teaching team:
– Frank Beedle
– John Evans
– David Hunt
– John Norris
– Aaron Slaten

These men were picked because they have an ability – and the desire – to help us become a family that follows Jesus by opening the Scriptures and pressing its teachings into our hearts, minds, and lives. I believe these men have been set apart by the Holy Spirit for this particular task.

We’re finalizing the August 2010-July 2011 teaching schedule. The idea is for me to preach around 40 weeks a year and to have these men up front the other 10-12 weeks out of the year.

I look forward to working with them and ask you and your family to pray for these brothers. We’ll let you know when they’re going to be preaching and find ways for you to get to know them better.


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If you’re a member of Christ Church, I need your help with something.

First of all, I want you to understand that being a member means that you are an inventor…a creator…someone who spreads ideas like a virus. You didn’t join Christ Church to consume goods and services or to be dragged around by the decisions of other people. You got into this to add value and to help other people follow Jesus.

While we were getting feedback from other people who are part of Christ Church, we ran into several common problems that will keep people from showing up on Sundays at 5pm. Here’s where I need your help – as an inventor, I’m giving you a free pass to create new ideas to help people who can’t show up at 5pm for our gathering become people who can show up at 5pm for our gathering.

Here are the problems I need you to solve with your ideas:

  • ‘I work at 5:00’
  • ‘My little girl is still taking a nap at 5:00’
  • ‘Our kids have soccer games on Sunday afternoons’
  • ‘I have other things I need to do on campus (study group, intramurals, campus ministries)’
  • ‘This messes up our community group’

You can help by a) picking one of the problems above and b) creating a solution and sharing it below in the comments section. I can’t wait to see what you come up with – who knows, you might be changing someone’s life.

So maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as an inventor…a creator of great ideas. And the temptation is to not start now because you’re pretty sure your idea won’t be a good idea. Can I give you permission to create bad ideas? Because you’ll never create great ideas without a few duds along the way.

Now jump on this thing and create because this is what we do – we help other people figure out how to follow Jesus.

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Four weeks ago, we never imagined that the Sunday gathering of Christ Church would take place at 5pm in Faith Presbyterian Church’s building. Four weeks later, we have a new home for our gathering after the elders of Christ Church and the elders of Faith Church reached an agreement that will allow us to continue to use Faith’s facilities for our worship gathering at 5pm on Sundays.

As the elders have discussed whether or not to make this move permanent, the word I keep coming back to is freedom – freedom that I believe will show up in three particular ways:

  • Freedom to Worship – most of us are more engaged to listen and respond to God at 5pm than 10am.
  • Freedom to Rest – this opens up more of the weekend for time with family and friends to enjoy God’s gifts to us.
  • Freedom to Serve – think of the ways we can serve the community or other churches in the area on Sunday mornings

Because this opportunity has caught us by surprise, there are unexpected opportunities we believe this will open up for us as a church. If this is a moment of celebration for you, enjoy it and strap in for the ride ahead. If this move creates some new challenges for you, please let me know and I’ll personally do everything I can to help you make this transition. And if I’ve already heard from you over the past few weeks, I’ll be getting in touch with you soon to see how I can help you turn this into a win.

On behalf of the elders-

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Well, this is unexpected.

We found out this afternoon that the heating system is not working in the WCA gym – and might not be working for some time. So we put our heads together and made a few phone calls and here’s what we came up with:

We’ll get together this Sunday at 5pm at Faith Presbyterian in Watkinsville (map and directions here). Our nurseries and children’s worship will happen just like every other week.

Different room, different time – same people, same church, same Jesus.

More news later – but we’re excited about the opportunity to have fun and watch God do something unexpected and fantastic through all of this. If you’re in a community group that meets on Sunday evening, your group leader will send you more information about your group on Saturday afternoon or evening.

If you have any questions, add them in the comment section below or email me directly at madair@c2pca.org.

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