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Sitting at home listening to Lindsey help the boys wrap some presents – I’ve always loved the week leading up to Christmas. Everyone and everything seems a bit more alive – that much was obvious on Sunday morning during our worship gathering. Great set list from the band and y’all helped to create a great vibe with your singing, your listening, the raw emotion you brought to communion and the intentional way you connected with the people around you. I love being your pastor and I love what God is doing in and through you.

I also wanted to make sure I thank Katie Homeyer again for the set design. I love watching people do what they love to do and just wait until you see what she has planned for our different teaching series in 2010!

Our history as a church does not contain a lot of stories of radical generosity but over the past six weeks you have invested $40K in the kingdom work that is going on in and through our church. So far, we’ve raised almost $8K for Advent Conspiracy and I can’t wait to see how that money is going to be used to make a deep and lasting impact for God’s glory and the good of his world.

OK, now about this Thursday. Man, there aren’t words to describe how thrilled I am about what’s going down in our gathering on Christmas Eve (5pm, Westminster Christian Academy). Here are a few things I want you to look for when you show up (early!) for an incredible hour together:

  • You’ll notice a lot of unfamiliar faces. We’ve invited Faith Presbyterian Church here in Watkinsville to worship with us so that means we’ll have more than 300 people in the gym – an exciting prospect if we understand that we’re not just using the time to slow the stampede heading towards the presents under the tree.
  • You’ll see faces you didn’t expect to see. We have a ton of UGA students who don’t live in Athens but are making the trek from their homes just to be in the room when we have the gathering on Thursday. I can’t even wrap my mind around how crazy and wonderful it is to watch Jesus take hold and animate the lives of students.
  • Y0u’ll notice some changes. With so many people in the room, we’re doing stuff like communion a bit different than we normally do it.
  • You’ll hear me talk about Jesus. That’s not new but because you’re bringing friends and family with you, I promise you that Jesus will be front and center throughout the gathering.

OK, so seriously – this could be one of those nights we’re talking about months and years from now. I know some of you are going to be out of town (even out of the country!) but if you’re around, I hope you’ll come and engage God as we thank him for sending Jesus to live and die for us.

One last thing – would you pray for a few things:

  • A movement of the Holy Spirit that shows us Jesus and compels us to press deeply into him;
  • Conversions and renewal – my prayer for the gathering is that it will be a catalyst for a great Christmas where Jesus is seen and savored as the best present in the universe.
  • The room to be filled with the love of Jesus. And then show up ready to serve and shake hands and hug necks and help our visiting friends feel at home.
  • My voice. As of 5:18pm on Tuesday, I don’t have one. I don’t feel bad…just can’t talk. So ask God to work things out in a way that me, you and all of our friends get more of Jesus when it’s all said and done.

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