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Wanted to let you know that we’re taking $2,000 of the money from last year’s Advent Conspiracy to help provide relief for the victims of this week’s earthquake in Haiti. We’re talking with several different relief organizations to determine how we can best help.

In addition, if you’d like to give additional funds to support relief in Haiti, you can send in a check to the church office or give during the worship gathering. We’ll take up funds through Sunday, January 24th and send everything out on Monday, January 25th.


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Unbelievable – great job everyone!

Can’t wait to share stories this spring about how your investment is making an impact in our community and around the world.

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So Sunday our church is conspiring to recover Advent as a season of compassion – our goal and plea to God is that we would move $10K to advance his kingdom in our community and around the world.

This year we have three primary areas of focus for Advent Conspiracy:

  • Meeting the basic needs of older residents in Oconee County through a partnership with OARC;
  • Assisting church planters across the state of Georgia;
  • Establishing a global diaconate fund that will help resource international needs when crises arise.

As you continue to pray and plan for Sunday, here are a few details about how things will go down on Sunday:

  • We’ll take up money for Advent Conspiracy during our normal collection time during the worship gathering.
  • The total we receive will be announced before the end of the worship gathering.
  • We’ll ask everyone who has something to give to come forward like we do for communion – we want you to be encouraged by how many people are joining you in this endeavor.
  • If you have commitment cards to turn in for your contribution to the January-March 2010 church budget, you can turn that in during the collection time.
  • If you’re giving to Advent Conspiracy AND turning in your regular giving, please write separate checks and make a notation about what the money is for.
  • Contributions to Advent Conspiracy are tax-deductible and will show up on your annual giving statement.
  • If you are giving cash, please put it in an envelope and include your name on the envelope.

I’ve really enjoyed hearing some of your stories – it’s amazing what God is up to and I can’t wait to see how He shows up on Sunday by producing tangible evidences of grace through your generosity.

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As you continue to think and pray about how to move resources towards the needs in this community and around the world, let me catch up on one need that we will be meeting locally through Advent Conspiracy.  There are about 40 seniors in the community (with more on the waiting list) who cannot meet their basic needs every month.  We’re going team up with the Oconee Area Resource Council and help make sure these seniors have their basic needs taken care of.  This is a great way to show Christ’s compassion to those with real needs in our own backyard.  Join us in the conspiracy…

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Last Sunday, we talked about why Advent Conspiracy is so critical to the life of our church:

  • The longing and anticipation of Advent is a universal experience;
  • The opportunity to recover Christmas as a season of compassion is about people – real faces, real names, real lives, real needs.
  • The tangible step of trusting God – not money and stuff – for our security and satisfaction.

In 1 Chronicles 29:9, King David calls on the people to volunteer to give to the work of building the temple. They give with radical generosity – this is the summary of their response and what I’m asking God to do in our midst this Sunday:

Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly, for with a whole heart they had offered freely to the Lord.

So as you’re praying and planning for Sunday, remember two things:

  • Give willingly…freely…with your whole heart. You don’t have to give…our hope is that you’ll want to give.
  • Joy. Giving entails loss but this kind of giving produces joy and not grief because the gains outweigh the costs.

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