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New Site Coming!

Just to let everyone know that our new website will be up and running in the next 5 weeks.

We look forward to sharing the launch of the new site with everyone!


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The Bible is not an antique to be protected but a feast to be enjoyed and consumed.

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Here’s the workbook I mentioned during yesterday’s gathering on ‘Reading God’s Story.’ I’d encourage you to work through it with your family, your community group or your Fight Club.

Reading God’s Story

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Sarah Quattlebaum is a student at UGA and is one of our new members. Here’s her take on how she came to believe the gospel and how God has changed her heart:

I was four years old when I prayed and “asked Jesus to come into my heart,” but I don’t think I came to believe the gospel until my sophomore year of college. In my greatest moment of heartbreak and loneliness of my life, the Holy Spirit revealed God’s love for ME; a selfish person who did bad things and didn’t deserve his love. I saw how He pursued me and saved me from my own selfish, unfulfilling desires and pursuits. I still can’t understand any of it, but that is as it should be – it’s part of what makes Him so amazing.

The Holy Spirit changed me, and mended my heart that broken by my own sin. God’s revelation to me enables me to understand He is infinitely valuable, and I want everyone who is as broken-hearted as I was to be loved and encouraged in a community that actively points directly and only toward Christ.

The gospel is the amazing news that God loves his creation so much that He authored the plan of salvation from sin and death. He came to Earth as the only sacrifice while remaining sinless, paid the wages of the world’s sin by dying, and rose from the dead to conquer sin and death and free His creation to live in communion with Him.

I want to love other people the way God loves them, and serve them in ways that they can experience the same mercy and grace that God extends to me. I have new and exciting hope for my life that extends beyond me; I know God created me and picked me to serve His purpose and His people in ways that are unique.

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Tim Chester’s book, You Can Change, will provide theological and practical help as you set out to change particular parts of your life. Pick up a copy today!

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