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If you’re looking for help in starting and sustaining gospel conversations, these posts from Chris Walker should do the trick:

These are in no particular order, but rather a list of some of the most popular sought after articles on Chris’ website regarding personal evangelism.

  1. Take the Risk, Offer to Pray.
  2. Scripts for Evangelism
  3. The power of testimony
  4. God is at work — Do you see it?
  5. Conversion Stories in the NT — Pisidian Antioch
  6. Look for God’s activity
  7. Beginning a Conversation about Christ
  8. Take a Look Across the Room
  9. Dot on a Watch
  10. Helpful Questions for the Evangelist
  11. Three ways to repel / Three ways to attract
  12. Ashamed of the Gospel?
  13. 15 ways to Keep your Evangelism Passion High
  14. Prayer and Evangelism
  15. Evangelism PAINS
  16. Evangelism 101: Beginning to Share your Faith.
  17. Compelled to share?
  18. God — The Evangelist
  19. 20 Fears about Personal Evangelism
  20. Guest Article: Sharing your faith in the ordinary course of life
  21. Fit your evangelism style to your personality
  22. Keeping Your Evangelism Passion Hot
  23. Evangelism Oozing from our Pores (on motivations)
  24. Define Evangelism Series
  25. Personal Testimony Questionnaire
  26. Personal Evangelism Mentoring
  27. Ten Devotional Questions about Your Evangelism
  28. Evangelism as Storytelling
  29. Role of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism
  30. Evangelistic Conversation Starter Questions
  31. Ten Prayer Points For your Friends
  32. How to Practice a Gospel Presentation
  33. Using Questions In Spiritual Conversations
  34. 44 Spiritual Conversation Starter Questions
  35. 5 Evangelism Tips for Pastors
  36. The Big Story – Improving the Bridge Illustration
  37. 10 practical ways of sharing your faith
  38. 20 Evangelism Questions To Start a conversation
  39. The Holy Spirit Prepares the Way
  40. Respecting Boundaries in Conversation
  41. How the Holy Spirit Directs Evangelism
  42. 7 Tips For More Spiritual Conversations
  43. Drifting Away from the World

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Rosario’s Trattoria has opened up in the Bell’s Shopping Center. Helping new businesses get off the ground is a great way to serve our community so if you live in Oconee County, I’d encourage you to pop in for lunch or dinner sometime soon.

Here’s an article on the restaurant in the Athens Banner-Herald.

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Why We Baptize Babies

From Kevin DeYoung, whose books I have really enjoyed:

We do not believe that there is anything magical about the water we apply to the child. The water does not wash away original sin or save the child. We do not presume that this child is regenerate (though he may be), nor do we believe that every child who gets baptized will automatically go to heaven. We baptize infants not out of superstition or tradition or because we like cute babies. We baptize infants because they are covenant children and should receive the sign of the covenant.

You can read the rest of the post (which includes a list of resources) here.

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This hits at the heart of what we’ll be saying this Sunday from Ephesians 3:14-21 – from the boys at Of First Importance:

“You are not called to believe in your love to God, but in God’s love to you! Do not argue, ‘I cannot love God! I have striven to my uttermost to do so, but have failed in all my endeavors, until in despair I have abandoned the thought and relinquished the attempt.’ Be it so- no effort of your own can strike a spark of love to God from your heart. Nor does God demand the task at your hands. All that He requires of you is faith in His love, as embodied and expressed in Jesus Christ to poor sinners.”

– Octavius Winslow, The Foot of the Cross

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This is so ridiculously simple…from Steven Furtick:

We enable experiences and interactions that leave our people saying:
I love my church

So they’ll tell their friends:
You’ve got to come check out my church

The friends come.
We worship Jesus and preach the Gospel with excellence.

The friends leave saying:
I really like this church

Inspiring them to come back again and again until they say:
I love my church

And tell their friends:
You’ve got to come check out my church…

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…is their passion for the mission.

I had lunch last week with David Melton, campus director for Campus Outreach at UGA. I love having David and Jenny at our church and have a lot of fun watching God use David and the rest of the CO team on the campus. We were talking about CO’s Summer Beach Project and the reason why some students really embrace talking about Jesus with complete strangers on the beach while other students would rather take a 5-iron to the temple. Here’s what we came up with…

The critical difference between those who thrive in that environment and those who struggle had less to do with skill or personality than it did with sheer conviction and passion. People who enjoyed having those conversations on the beach thrived; those who didn’t want to be there wilted.

Here’s what that means for the rest of us – go where your passions collide with real need. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit who wires you to enjoy people, places and events that desperately need the hope and freedom of the gospel. I know you don’t think that your quirky hobby has any kingdom value but what if you were able to bring the values of God’s kingdom into an arena that you love to be in already?

Here’s how one man pulled it off – by starting a blog for fans of his favorite NBA team.

Don’t wait for someone else to write your story for you. Look for needs in the people and places you love and do something about it.

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…but you don’t. You want to but you’re not sure where to start.

Try this out – for the next month, ask God to connect you to one person who: a) you get along with; b) shares common interests with you; c) would enjoy our Sunday gathering and/or your community group; and d) is open to you about their life and opinions.

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