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Scott Thomas is the Director of A29 – a guy I enjoy being around and have much respect for. Yesterday, he blogged about his son turning twenty and gave some really helpful advice for raising kids that love Jesus and are on mission:

1. Depend on the grace of God, the Spirit of God and the wisdom of God for guidance and provision every day.
2. Love them sacrificially with your time. Dads should also be “present” for every aspect of their child’s life. Your kids only have one Daddy.
3. Enjoy the ride. Don’t stress over the house or their messy clothes. Laugh often; hug more.
4. As a couple, set clear boundaries and discipline consistently. The goal of discipline is to teach that God has standards of obedience and that He is the One who has absolute authority in our lives. Teach the gospel clearly in your discipline: a) Identity as a child belonging to a family, b) sin separates, c) sin has consequences, d) confession, e) repentance, f) reconciliation. Share this story of the Redeemer every time you exercise discipline.
5. Make your home a place of grace where it is safe to make mistakes, be yourself, have fun, try out new dance moves and bring friend’s over. Practice being a gospel community as a family. Practice confrontation, forgiveness and reconciliation.

You can read the rest here.


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Discipleship 101 in three minutes from one of the great pastors and thinkers of our day.

JI Packer Speaks To New Christians from Mike Anderson on Vimeo.

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Aaron’s already thrown up a reminder about ‘God of This City’ – an opportunity to make much of God through song and take in the hope of Easter. You can read more about it here – look forward to seeing you at WCA at 7:00.

Sunday we’ll be talking about our struggle against evil – we need the cross because Jesus fights for us. Rather than denying the mess inside of us and around us – or wallowing in despair because we can’t seem to shake ourselves free – the cross creates the freedom we need. We’ll talk about what this means for us – particularly how the cross is the collision of mercy and justice we need to love our enemies. See you at 9:30 to pray before the gathering at 10:00.

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Want to remind everyone about God of this City tomorrow night.

Below I have posted the Set-list for the night. The songs are linked to itunes so that you can purchase and download the songs if you would like to.

We are really excited about tomorrow night! It will be an incredible night of telling the redemptive story of God. Hope to see you there. 

Deliver Us
Streams of Living Water
why should i fear?
It is finished Pt 2
God Of My Life
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Vision of You
Come and Welcome
Our Great God
Come Thou Fount
Immortal Invisible

There Is A Peace
None But Jesus
Before The Throne
Mighty To Save
Help My Unbelief
Jesus Is Our Great Salvation
God Of This City

No Sweeter Subject

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Because we want to communicate the gravity of the ongoing battle we face.

Because we want to redeem a cultural artifact. Chuck Palahniuk’s book reminds us that our great war is a spiritual war – we want to communicate our great hope that Jesus comes to fight that war for us.

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Easter is the single most important day of the year for Christians – a day designed to join God in his mission.

This year, we need your help in two ways:
1. Show up at 9:45 for our worship gathering on Easter, which is April 12.
2. Be willing to share your story if you’ve been changed this year by the gospel, community and/or mission.

If you go home to visit family on Easter, would you ask them if it would be OK for you to stay here this year so you can bring other people to our gathering with you. Promise you’ll come home the next week – but there are people around you who need Jesus and will come with you if you ask. If your mom or dad says no and wants you to go home, then go home and honor them with your obedience. But if they know you’re staying here because you want other people to know Jesus, they might say yes – and who knows, they might make a road trip to be with you on Easter.

We’re also going to take time during the worship gathering for people to share stories about how their lives have been changed this year as the gospel has increasingly replaced religion as the engine of life, community has trumped doing life alone and very real ways of joining Jesus in his mission have come to fruition. If you’d like the chance to tell your story, let me know by the end of this week. We’ll probably do this by video so you wouldn’t be standing in front of a room full of people.

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We want to be a church that is simple. What does that mean?

There are two kinds of simplicity: one way that ignores complexity and another that understands complexity. We intend to embrace simplicity that understands complexity.

We want to help people follow Jesus in a messy, complex world in ways that are simple so the world can most easily see us look more and more like Jesus.

For more on this kind of simplicity, check out Jonathan Dodson’s posts here and here.

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